Fixed Price Agreement Generator.

At the beginning of the year, I was contacted by Green and Co with a project that they would like completed. The company wanted a piece of software written that would automate the generation of their fixed price agreements that they used with clients.

Following a meeting with the client and discussing the options, we decided upon Java for the implementation and it would incorporate a H2 database. H2 was chosen due to the ease of embedding it within an application.

The project was pretty extensive due to the number of features incorporated.

The application takes data input by the user and processes it to output a word document. During this processing a predetermined template document is used. In addition to the generation of the fixed price agreements the application offers the option of printing the workings used in calculating the agreed fee. This is a handy little feature that can be used to show the breakdown to potential clients.

Additionally, the application offers a 'Save/Load' function for the user. This takes the data input by the user and saves it in XML format for loading at a later date.

Aside from the aforementioned 'front-end' features, the application offers a fully-functioning administrative back-end. Here, users of the system have the option to modify any of the database objects used in the system, for example, prices of the services.

An overview of the system can be seen in the images above.

  • Green and Co
  • 1st March 2013
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