Structural Analysis of Large Scale Networks.

Last summer I was fortunate enough to have been awarded an EPSRC scholarship for research. During this time I worked alongside a research team in the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool. My role was not limited to solely implementing solutions I was also responsible for discovering solutions and analysing the effectiveness of the solution.

The research topic was the 2D visualisation of graph structures. I worked on a better understanding of the structural properties of social networks. I read several research papers, analysed the proposals made in the papers and designed a solution for the agreed problem. The implemented modules were realised with emphasis on their efficiency.

The research I undertook and the subsequent implementation of the discovered methods lead to improved graph drawing and animation procedures.

The project not only provided me with a great insight into working on real development projects but also enhanced my programming, team-working, communication and analytical skills.

An example of an algorithm implemented on this project was the FADE algorithm proposed by Aaron Quigley. This algorithm required the implementation of a Quadtree data structure. The code used for this implementation can be found on my blog post.